Mike Gladue has Passed Away Healing Walk Hero

walk 4 nationsMike-Gladuehealing walk
Hi Anna – I’ve just been listening to Acimowin.  JoJo was talking to some of the walkers who walked from St. John’s Nfld to Campbell River BC – different than the walkers that we interviewed I think.  Anyway, Mike Gladue has died and was the instigator to that healing walk.  JoJo was giving out info to allow listeners to donate to a fund to help Mike’s family cope with funeral expenses etc.  I am wondering if you have a moment could you please post this info on our blog, if you think appropriate.  I cannot find anything on the internet about Mike’s death – which apparently occurred this past Tuesday but there is a really good article about who he is and what he did.  Let me know if you think this is a good idea.  Talk to you Sunday
PS – TD Bank Trust Account for Mike Gladue:  Transit # 83129  Acct # 6580370

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