Justin Trudeau addresses aboriginal relations and taxes for the middle class in Regina

Justin Trudeau addresses a crowd at the Regina Farmer’s Market on August 12, 2015 (GARETH DILLISTONE/CTV REGINA)

Trudeau then addressed his promise to invest in the middle class. The Liberal party plans to raise taxes for the wealthiest one per cent to lower them for the middle class, said Trudeau.

“We know that an economy that works for the middle class means a country that works for everyone,” said Trudeau.

The NDP’s minimum wage wouldn’t apply to 99 per cent of those who make minimum wage, said Trudeau, and nine out of 10 families will be “better off” under the Liberal plan.

Trudeau then spoke to Indigenous peoples, saying that 10 years of Stephen Harper government has failed First Nations peoples.

The Liberal government says they will support all of the truth and reconciliation recommendations and are committed to national inquiry on missing and murdered Indigenous women.

read more at: http://regina.ctvnews.ca/justin-trudeau-addresses-aboriginal-relations-and-taxes-for-the-middle-class-in-regina-1.2513574


Trudeau spoke about climate change, saying it is a very real issue. With recent draughts and floods in Saskatchewan, the Liberal party will work with municipalities in times of extreme weather events.

Trudeau will be in La Ronge to meet with leaders Wednesday afternoon.


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