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Ulali Project Idle No More

Published on May 13, 2014

Sung for the first time by the newly formed Ulali Project this INM song is dedicated to the founding women of this powerful grassroots movement. It was performed at the UNC Givens Performing Arts Center in Pembroke, NC. Presented by the
4th Annual River People Music & Culture Fest – April 26, 2014

Written by Cary Morin and Pura Fé
Music by Pura Fé
Performed by the Ulali Project

We walk through the light…
with our brothers and sisters…
we stand and fight.
With a drum, a song, a prayer,
this change of time.

This is the truth reckoning,
the human awakening…
together Brothers and Sisters
Idle No More

The people come by the hundreds…
Sing and Dance the streets of shopping malls…
to the Capitols…corporations and City Halls.
All over this Turtle Island…
our presence will break the silence,
together Brothers and Sisters
Idle No More

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