Edmonton park honouring Canada’s first aboriginal cop inching closer to reality

 Alex Decoteau was Canada’s first aboriginal police officer.
 A sketch showing the proposed layout of Alex Decoteau Park in downtown Edmonton.

The City of Edmonton put out a call for contractors to bid on a project Tuesday to develop a downtown Edmonton park named after Canada’s first aboriginal police officer who is also considered one of the greatest marathon runners in Canadian history.

In 2014, the City of Edmonton’s naming committee announced a new 3,500-square-metre park at 105 Street and 102 Avenue would be named after Alex Decoteau.

The request for proposal issued by the city is for all labour, materials and equipment to convert a parking lot into a park with greenspace, a community garden, an off-leash area for dogs, and space for public art.

While an opening date for the park has not been announced, the request for proposal stipulates the successful bid is expected to complete the work by Nov.10, 2016.

Comic book tells inspirational story of former EPS officer

read more at: http://globalnews.ca/news/1252209/comic-book-tells-inspirational-story-of-former-eps-officer/

Comic book tells inspirational story of former EPS officer



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