There is no word for assessment in Cree- maybe that is why it is such a Cree-ative Language!!!

Cree Numbers One Through Ten (and zero)

mwac ke’kwa’n
0 – zero
Literally: not anything
1 – one
2 – two
3 – three
n’ew, ne’wo, ne’yo
4 – four
5 – five
n(i)kotwa’sik or kotwa’sik
6 – six
7 – seven
ayina’new (dialects: e’na’ne’w)
8 – eight
ke’ka’c mita’taht
9 – nine
Literally: almost ten
mita’taht (W. dialects: mita’yaht for mita’taht)
10 – ten
A Tribe Called Red Tickets
Image result for a tribe called red sisters

Oskih Kisinahmawakan / The New Student
Performance Task Description
You have volunteered to be a buddy to a new student who has arrived in class. This is
the first time you are meeting him or her. Introduce yourself, exchange some personal
information with the new student and welcome him or her to the class.
1. Find a partner. One person is the buddy, the other the new student. Switch roles
2. Plan and present a possible first meeting between the two students.
Sample dialogue
Buddy: Tân΄sih! / Hello!
New Student: Tân΄sih kîya! / Hello, Hi!
Buddy: Moya nân´taw? / How are you?
New Student: Moya nân´taw nîsta. / I am fine.
Buddy: Niya Buddy nitsîkason. / My name is Buddy.
New Student: Nîya Jake nitsîkasan. / My name is Jake.
Buddy: Tântahto piponân? / How old are you?
New Student: Mitâtaht. / 10.
Buddy: Nîsta mitâtaht! / I am also 10!
New Student: Kawâpamitin asâmena. / See you later.
3. Shake hands.



Taken from Cree Language and 9 Year Program Grade 4 Classroom Assessment Materials

Panel discussion to be held tonight in wake of Colten Boushie shooting.

Discussion will focus on coexistence and peace between Indigenous and non-indigenous communities.

Indigenous Studies students at the University of Saskatchewan have organized a special panel discussion tonight talking about racism and coexistence.

Peace and Coexistence: The Realities of Saskatchewan on Indigenous Territory will feature five experts on racism and Indigenous culture talking about racism after the shooting of Colten Boushie.

Read More at:


Colten Boushie was killed on a farm near Biggar, Sask. on Tuesday.

What do you think can increase peace between aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities? Call us at 780-492-2577 ext. #1 Thursdays at 5pm to 5:30pm Win a prize!




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