Amiskwaciy History Series is a new Aboriginal lead grassroots initiative aimed at creating awareness regarding the often-untold Indigenous history of the Edmonton area. The name Amiskwaciy comes from Amiskwaciy Waskahikan or “Beaver Hill House”, a Cree term used to describe the area now known as Edmonton



With a new school year underway, School District 57 will once again be hearing the Carrier Sekani First Nation’s concerns about the education of their children.

They, with support from various local First Nations groups, have been lobbying local school board trustees to reinstate the aboriginal education board that was dissolved two years ago. Tribal Chief Terry Teegee says the board provided crucial input into local programs that has been missing ever since.

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Should the Sekani First Nation’s  Aboriginal Education Board be reinstated? Call us at 780-492-2577 ext. 1 on Thursday at 5pm tell us what you think!


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Police training on Indigenous issues takes days, not hours, retired OPP officer says

‘There’s usually a wall on the first day,’ It’s important to know the history you didn’t learn in school and the history you carry as a person says cultural awareness trainer George Couchie

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It's important to know the history you didn't learn in school and the history you carry as a person, says cultural awareness trainer and retired OPP Sgt. George Couchie.


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