Blanket Exercise by Michelle Nieviadomy at the Millwoods Library Edmonton Oct. 13

KAIROS Blanket Exercise

The Blanket Exercise is an enormously popular and successful teaching tool that uses participatory popular education methodology to raise awareness and understanding of the history of the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. Nieviadomy is the assistant director at the Edmonton Native Healing Centre and owns Iskwew Health & Wellness. She is a member of the Kawacatoose First Nation. The Blanket Exercise was created in 1996.

Wisdom of the Willow Tree

What is the meaning of life? Why do people grow old and die? Little one asks the Elders…

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A Tribe Called Red Tanto’s Revenge feat. Chippewa Travelers

Green Willow | Spirit of Trees

A Tribe Called Red – Pow Wow Riddim


Read and listen to “Rabbit’s Wish for Snow” story

Biography: Words Are Sacred

“Many times people ask me, how did I get started as a storyteller. Native American people, we grow up basically as that. We grow up hearing stories all the time. But we don’t call them stories, legends or myths. To us, they are lessons, because they explain the universe.”

Tchin (pronounced ‘chin) learned many of his lessons from Princess Red Wing, a famous Narragansett woman who traveled the world telling traditional tales. He is also an avid researcher and many times is given the gift of lessons from other storytellers. To enrich his own cultural knowledge, he also studies folklore from around the world. “I’m studying quite a bit about the Mideast at this time. I’ve studied ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and what you get out of all that is that you get to understand people more clearly…How the universe makes sense to them…it allows you to understand your universe that much better.”

Digging Roots Search for the Light

Wab Kinew Heroes


O’Siem We Are All Family

Hobbema School of Rock

Alexis School


Alexis First Nation, AB


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Funding Gap sees First Nations students ‘missing out’ on key school activities

Stay together for the kids, Hobbema School of Rock



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