Moccasin Telegraph wishes you a Merry Christmas !!!!

Tiny homes may help address housing issues in Opaskwayak Cree Nation

Pilot project would build a village of portable, energy-efficient mini homes

How does this housing pilot project advance Truth and Reconciliation? Call us at 780-492-2577 ext. 1 Thurs. 5 pm Win Prizes!

read more at:

Idle No More organizer Alex Wilson says tiny houses are an affordable, sustainable way to help make a dent in the First Nation housing crisis.

The Little Drummer Boy sung in Cree by Laura Burnouf. This and 3 other Christmas songs can be found on our website. In this video, we use a sing along format for everybody to enjoy.


Rocky Morin of Thundering Spirit singing Merry Christmas Happy New Year. Thanks for everything Boys … a special song for a very special occasion. Thank you Rocky Morin, Terry Paskimin, Lyle Tootoosis, Randy Marten, NathanRikishi Pellymakes Lotsofsongz, Leon Aginas, Izik Plant, Moise Dreaver, Dallas Waskahat


How do you feel  the Federal dispute over funding for Mental Health Care will impact Indigenous youth? Call us at 7804922577 ext. 1 Thurs. 5 pm Win prizes

mental health links on dispute
empty promises link:

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