Maskwacis arena up for $100K prize and NHL preseason game Community near Edmonton struck with ‘overwhelming sense of pride’ over selection as Kraft Hockeyville finalist.

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Concerns over oilsands river contamination overstated, scientist says

Research finds little difference between lead and arsenic levels in either direction from mines

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Residents report rashes, stomach pains amid water crisis on northern Ontario reserve


Nearly 230 households in North Caribou (Weagamow) Lake First Nation have been without clean drinking water or sewage disposal for a week, and children are displaying skin rashes, said Chief Dinah Kanate.

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This boy from North Caribou Lake First Nation has an unexplained skin rash that his mother fears is caused by the water coming through their pipes.Related image

Globe & Mail reports FN Reserve Water is Unsafe

Bob LeCraw, president of RAL Engineering in Newmarket, Ont.,  has inspected many small water treatment plants on reserves. “There was a period of time, back 20, 30 years ago, where the plants they were putting in just weren’t right,” he said. “They weren’t tested properly. They weren’t designed properly.”

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McClearn, M. (2017).Unsafe to drink: A Globe review shows water treatment plants are failing on reserves across Canada. For every system the government fixes, plenty remain in a shambolic state. The Globe and Mail. Retrieved From:


Conservative senator defends ‘well-intentioned’ residential school system

Former head of Truth and Reconciliation Commission ‘shocked’ by Lynn Beyak’s remarks


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