The Metis Sash of Hope by Anna Wilson

The Metis Sash of Hope

As the Metis sing their freedom song,

The Metis sash keeps them strong,

Forgotten people upon the promised land,

Their Perseverance strengthens each strand,

Each color in each thread is a story to tell,

Of the Red River Rebellion & Louis Riel,

Red is the blood that they all shed,

Black is the dark times imposed by the Feds,

Blue and White are the Metis Flag of Hope,

Green represents the Metis’ growth

The joining of 2 nations for infinity,

Teaches us all to live in harmony,

Letting go of the term “Halfbreed”

To Honour the loyal Metis’ Creed,

Wear the sash with Metis pride

By Anna Wilson

Sash once worn by Louis Riel goes from Dawson Creek to Winnipeg. (n.d). Retrieved From:

The Metis sash celebrates the infinite mixing of two nation as within the multi-coloured threads woven into the sash. The weaving of these nations together in the threads of the sash gives the sash infinite strength to pull the Red River carts across the ice in winter and to stop the bleeding of an open wound or laceration. The sash was absorbent enough to serve as a towel or blanket. The Metis Sash teaches us the survival skills of the Metis and their struggle to persevere in the face of being caught between the Indigenous world and the Western world. There are multiple uses for the Metis Sash in pulling the Red River Carts, serving as a rope and a bandage. The Metis sash can also be seen as an “anchor” (McLeod, 1998, p. 33) of identity, for many displaced non-status Metis who have a genuine desire to be part of the Metis community solely for their need for love, belonging and cultural reciprocity.

McLeod, N. (1998). Coming home through stories. International Journal of Canadian Studies,

Fall, 18, 51-66. Retrieved From:


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