Amiskwaciy History Series

Marilyn Dumont is the next presenter on April 27, 2017 at 6:30-8:30 pm

  Edmonton Public Library Whitemud Crossing Branch 4211-106 st.

Winner of the 2016 Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry

With a title derived from John A. Macdonald’s moniker for the M#65533;tis, The Pemmican Eaters explores Marilyn Dumont’s sense of history as the dynamic present. Combining free verse and metered poems, her latest collection aims to recreate a palpable sense of the Riel Resistance period and evoke the geographical, linguistic/cultural, and political situation of Batoche during this time through the eyes of those who experienced the battles, as well as through the eyes of Gabriel and Madeleine Dumont and Louis Riel.

Included in this collection are poems about the bison, seed beadwork, and the Red River Cart, and some poems employ elements of the Michif language, which, along with French and Cree, was spoken by Dumont’s ancestors. In Dumont’s The Pemmican Eaters , a multiplicity of identities is a strengthening rather than a weakening or diluting force in culture.


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Stray dog moccasins

The story of Wryly, a young Métis man surviving on the streets of Edmonton while chasing his dream of becoming a filmmaker.


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Dumont, M. (2007). That tongued belonging. Wiarton, Ont.: Kegedonce Press.

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Green girl dreams mountains

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A really good brown girl

A Tribe Called Red



Underfunding for B.C. aboriginal agencies means kids removed from homes: report

British Columbia’s representative for children and youth says indigenous kids are being removed from their homes and placed in care because agencies supporting their families are underfunded. read more at:

‘A perilous pipeline’: Indigenous groups line up against Keystone XL

While some want to ensure development doesn’t trample Indigenous rights, others vow to stop the pipeline

read more at:

A poster shared online calls on people to oppose the Dakota Access pipeline and recently revived Keystone XL pipeline.



So much more than a musician:’ Buffy Sainte-Marie biography announced

Biography set for release in fall 2018

read more at:


A forthcoming biography will delve into the life of Canadian music icon and Indigenous activist Buffy Sainte-Marie.


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