The Inspirational Youth of Cross Lake First Nation

Last winter, five young people killed themselves in the northern Indigenous community of Cross Lake, Manitoba. In the weeks that followed 140 more attempted suicide. Cross

Lake declared a state of emergency. The school principal works very hard to support students and cares deeply for them.



Image result for cross lake this is where i live

Pitch Black’ official music video Ft. Jonny Jesus, Skinny-Gee, Errol Mckay, Carlos Servantq Ross, Tyrese CJ Scott, Chrisduut Bailey, Brent Fruit Loops Richards, and ViciouZKidd.

Special thanks to Kendall Robinson
Pimicikamak Cree Nation, Manitoba


Performed by Tyresse Scott, Blake Mcloed, Garrioson Garroich,
Trevor Ross, Chiles , Rots Norman, Carlos Ross, Kent Ross, Cristo Jonas

This song was created as part of a M.A.Ps workshop for youth across Canada. To book a workshop email

Produced by Nigel Pahl ( Kidd Kane ) and Cristo Jonas ( CJ the Grey ). Special thanks to Desi Ma

special thanks to the Youth council and Kendall Robinson for treating us so good.



Song, written and composed by Edward Gamblin, about the Northern Flood Agreement-Cross Lake, Manitoba CANADA



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