June 14, 2017 7pm Strathcona Edmonton Public Library Indigenous Stories Relieve Stress Reading Circle

Anna Wilson


FREE FUN FOR THE FAMILY!  REGISTER AT: https://epl.bibliocommons.com/events/5908

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This presentation will explore how Indigenous Stories can help us cope with stress.

There are many stories we encounter throughout our lifetimes.

Some stories have the potential to heal because they can redirect our thoughts from a moment of stress into a moment of joy.

Anna Wilson is also called:

  • a writer of social interaction.
  •  Mom, Granny Annie,
  • volunteer
  • social justice global citizen.

She has earned a:

  • Bachelor of Education Degree in Secondary Education specializing in Shakespearian studies, Aboriginal literature, journalism and literary essays.
  • Masters Degree in Educational Policy Studies with a specialization in Theoretical, Cultural and International education
  • Master of Library and Information Studies Degree with a focus on Indigenous approaches to disabilities.

Her other experiences and interests include:

  • teaching secondary English; researcher and co-host of CJSR Radio’s Aboriginal Call-In Show “Moccasin Telegraph”;
  • studying the Canadian Indian Residential School Crisis and the Reserve water crisis and the water crisis on many First Nations Reserves; and
  • researching information sharing needs of people with learning disabilities, autism and other disabilities.
  • Having multiple disabilities herself enables her to provide an empathetic approach to educating children with autism.

READ MORE AT: https://epl.bibliocommons.com/events/5908.








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