Feeding Nunavut projects


How your support is helping to harvest food security and increase the well-being of Nunavummiut.

Read More at: http://www.feedingnunavut.com/emergency-food-vouchers-serving-people-that-need-immediate-food-assistance/?utm_source=Email&utm_medium=FN&utm_content=08Update


Canadians across the country feel the pinch of rising food costs.  But it seems that grocery prices in Nunavut are not just rising … they are completely out of control !!!
We believe that all Canadians have the right to affordable nutritious food, and the current food pricing strategy in the North promotes food insecurity and hunger.
Out of Control Food Prices

Fortunately our government is currently developing a food policy (Have Your Say) and overhauling the Nutrition North Canada food program.

In addition to getting involved in these initiatives, we think it may take Canadians from across the country to speak out and let their Member of Parliament know that they care about the North and expect their MP to work towards creating long-term change.

Letter writing campaigns are an easy advocacy tool for citizens to voice opinions about specific issues. The letters may be sent to the Prime Minister, a member of Parliament, or a particular government agency. Knowing that re-election depends on the votes of their constituents, MPs tend to pay close attention to mail from constituents.

Latoya Morgan, a social worker engaged in our Emergency Food Voucher pilot program shared her thoughts about the program. We thought voucher supporters would appreciate knowing her experience and opinion. “Within Igloolik food insecurities touch almost everyone at some point in time; a number of systemic issues contribute to this being a concern. There are limited resources in Igloolik for families to turn to when food insecurity is an issue. Feeding Nunavut has filled a much needed void and has supported our ability as Family Services to assist families who would not otherwise have the means to provide healthy foods to their families. Feeding Nunavut has ensured that when a community member finds themselves in crisis and are unable to feed the members of their family, they have somewhere to turn. Feeding Nunavut’s work has become vital as a measure of support for the community” LaToya Morgan
Community Social Services Worker, Department of Family Services


Emergency voucher program





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