MMIWG inquiry urges family members, survivors to register for truth gathering process before deadline

Deadline April 20



Lean On Me La Loche

Support for the families and residents of La Loche

Voices of the North, Northern Spirits & Friends recognize that music can heal. This collaboration of artists, from all walks of life, came together for a desire to help, not knowing any other way.  What started as “Jam” recorded on a phone, turned into much much more.

Video Directed and Edited by Joel Mihilewicz at Big Drum Media
Song recorded and produced


Reason (La Loche Massacre Tribute)- Aye One Hunnit

Tribute to High School Mass Shooting in La Loche, Saskatchewan. Didn’t know what to name this song so I used the name of the beat which was “reason”
This one goes out to the people that lost their lives in the mass shooting in my community. January 22nd 2016, at the dene high school in la loche, Saskatchewan. A place I call home and the school I attended when I was going to school, damn!





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