Modular housing to be built for Indigenous women at risk of homelessness

By Alistair Ogden


Homelessness Victoria

what do you think about these issues? call 780-492-2577 ext. 1 Thursday 5:30 pm tell us win prizes! on Moccasin Telegraph 88.5 FM CJSR

‘It hurt’: First Nations leaders’ pipeline ownership proposal comes as shock to some


UBC law professor questions Ottawa’s jurisdiction on planned pipeline expansion

Ottawa says it will take financial and legal action to make pipeline happen

Image result for bannock and tea
Don’t panic have some bannock!

Super-salty lakes discovered under ice could help scientists search for extraterrestrial life

Two lakes found under ice cap in Canadian Arctic may offer clues to possible life on Europa, the icy moon of Jupiter.By JENNIFER-ANNE PASCOE


More than half a kilometre beneath the Devon Ice Cap, scientists discovered two lakes whose extreme saltiness could make them a habitat for microbes—an environment that might also exist on Jupiter's icy moon Europa. (Photo courtesy Martin Sharp)

Arctic Aliens


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