Today I would like to reach out to people like me who do not have a mother to celebrate, nor a grandmother. At birth we were disconnected and throughout life, we tried so hard to repair the damage but the trauma is real and the blood continues to stain. There tens of thousands of Indigenous people that lost their families due to residential schools and child welfare apprehensions. Today, please don’t forget about them. Some people are so devastated by this trauma that we choose never to have children – thinking the we did not have good mothers, so how could we be one? Some mothers have lost children and have no one to hold them today. Please reach out to people as I am reaching out to you now. Hug a motherless person today, hug a childless person today – even if it’s virtual. I love you and am sending long, gentle hugs on this Mother’s Day.

Aboriginal women represent and maintain cultures rich in knowledge, history, skills, and environmental stewardship. Aboriginals’ close relationships and dependence on the land and environment comes from their understanding that their life and livelihood is dependent upon the nurturing and caring of them. Read more of this amazing report produced by NWAC entitled, ” Aboriginal Women and Aboriginal Traditional
While I cannot find the artists of this images, I did find that it is titled, “Grandmother Sits”



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