Idle No More volunteer Lynda Kitchikeesic, has maybe 2 months to live needs help

Idle No More
One of our dedicated Idle No More volunteers, Lynda Kitchikeesic, was recently told by her specialist that she has maybe 2 months left to live here on Turtle Island with us.  Lynda is currently undergoing very invasive medical treatments to extend her life so that she can finish up the incredibly selfless Indigenous organizing that she has given in and around Ottawa over the past 20 years.

We do not normally send personal support emails like this, but Lynda has given so much to the Idle No More movement and her need at this time is so great, that we are reaching out to raise hope and support for Lynda.

personal fundraising page has been created for Lynda.  There is no donation too small. $5, $10, $20, 50 or whatever you can do to help support Lynda during her time of need is welcomed.

Please donate directly to Lynda’s family through the link below:


Photo by Leah Snyder

Idle No More Info


Activist Lynda Kitchikeesic faces uncertain future after emergency surgery






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