Read More at Bob Johnson’s post on the Fabulous Five Indigenous Women Nominees for Canada Bank Notes on Working Effectively with Indigenous Peoples at: https://www.ictinc.ca/blog/fabulous-five-indigenous-women-nominees-for-canadian-banknotes   Pauline Johnson was the daughter of Mohawk chief George Henry Martin Johnson and Emily Susanna Howells. Her father had a very distinguished Indigenous lineage that included Hiawatha, Dekanahwideh, Pontiac and Tecumseh and the family received many important visitors including … Continue reading FABULOUS FIVE INDIGENOUS WOMEN


Wilson, A. (2017). Anna Wilson’s feeble attempt at creating an Aboriginal water policy model or map where the intended outcomes are the actual consequences. Waterwishingwell.org. Suzuki, D. (2017). Glass Half Empty? Resolving Drinking Water Advisories in Ontario. 10. Retrieved from https://canadians.org/sites/default/files/water/report-DWA-First-Nations-0217.pdf. The typical federal process to end Drinking Water Advisories (DWAs), First Nations who need to upgrade their drinking water systems endure a long process … Continue reading Waterwishingwell.org